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Operations management software for manufacturing companies specializing in surface finishing

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Save time and money while increasing efficiency with Flybox SaaS operations management platform for surface finishing companies:

  • Facilitate tenders and follow-ups;
  • Plan and measure performance;
  • Track orders from reception to shipping;
  • Easily manage irregular cases and establish corrective and preventive measures;
  • Oversee equipment maintenance.

Simplify and accelerate operations with a single easy-to-use tool!

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Instant access to all company operations

SaaS and responsive UI

Access via the Cloud on all your mobile devices

Quick installation and deployment

Expedite operations while saving time and energy

Cross-platform compatibility

Collect, integrate and centralize data on a single platform

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Flybox facilitates and supports company growth

Your business is expanding. Let Flybox support your growth through its adaptable functionalities and modules.

Smart Production

Create unique treatment processes, prioritize your resources and instantly calculate execution times.

Quality Management

Generate reports, maintain equipment, manage training and connect your machines/devices.

Manage and Track your Documents

Link images, technical drawings and documents. Identify and track documents using bar codes.

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An affordable solution for leaner budget businesses

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